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Pool Pump Repair Scottsdale, AZ | Pool Motor Repair

If you're Googling "Pool Pump Repair Scottsdale" while looking for pool repair companies, Papago Pool Service can help! We offer residential and commercial pool pump repair services in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Get a free pool pump repair estimate in Scottsdale today by giving Papago Pool Service a call today at (480) 423-9333.

Noticing weird sounds coming from your pool pump? Or, does it sound like your pool motor is running loudly or hardly working at all? 

Your pool motor is the main component of your pool pump, its job is to circulate the pool water throughout your pool to clean and chemicalize your water properly. Broken pool pumps will greatly impact your pool water clarity and restrict chemicals from circulating properly. 

Pool Pump Repair Services Offered In Scottsdale, Arizona

Papago Pool Service is an expert pool pump repair and pool motor repair professional with 20+ years of experience in helping residential and commercial pool owners in ScottsdaleParadise Valley, AZ resolve pool pump and motor problems. 

  • Century Pool Pump Repair
  • Hayward Pool Pump Repair
  • Aqua Flo Pool Pump Repair
  • A.O. Smith Pool Pump Repair
  • Pent-Air Pool Pump Repair
  • Sta-Rite Pool Pump Repair

Is Your Pool Pump Broken Or Not Working Properly?

If your pool pump is broken or not working properly, its stops cleaning and will eventually make your pool water turn green; no matter how much chlorine you add in. Your pool pump needs to be functioning 100% to keep your pool water clean. There are quite a few reasons why pool pumps break or stop working. Below we discover the common reasons pool pumps break.

Commonly Pool Pump Problems in Scottsdale, AZ:

Take a look at the most common pool pump problems homeowners and business owners experience in Scottsdale, Arizona. Keep in mind, Papago Pool Service can repair any of the below problems.

Pump/Motor Sucking Air:

Either your pool water is not filled to the proper height or you have a leaky valve stem, bad thread sealant or a plumbing break. 

Pool Water Leaking: 

We are experts at fixing leaky pool pumps and motors. Most of the time leaks are due to bad shaft seal, bad impeller housing o'ring or bad thread sealant. 

Debris Lodged: 

Pool pumps commonly get debris sucked into them. We inspect your pool pump to make sure all debris is removed and that it is sucking and pushing water properly throughout the pool. 

Electrical Problems: 

Pool motors and pumps have to operate at certain amperages. Depending on the case, you may need to inspect and reset your circuit breakers if they got tripped. If you circuit breakers are constantly tripping, that's a very good sign that your pump is pulling too much amperage causing the circuit to break.

Pool Motor Making Loud Noises: 

Pool motor making loud noises? That loud noise is most likely do to the bearings inside the motor. Have you inspected your pool pump or motor within the last 8 years? If not, its time to get at least your bearing inspected and (or) replaced. 

Pool Motor Not Working At All:

Your pool motor might be working and you just don't know it. Try to make sure and see if your switches and circuit breakers got tripped. You could fix this yourself if you feel comfortable. If you tried flipping the switches and it still doesn't come on, give us a call to inspect your pool pump motor.

Pool Pump Making Loud Noises

If your pool pump is making loud sucking noises, there's a great chance that the water in your swimming pool is too low. The pump is trying to pull water in and sucking in air instead. This can shorten the life of your pool pump and cause it to work too hard and break. We can install a water level control system to ensure that your pool stays filled to the adequate level at all times. Furthermore, if your pool pump is already broken, we can repair or replace it for you.

Pool Pump Brands & Manufacturers We Repair:

  • Hayward Pool Pumps & Motors
  • Century Pool Pumps & Motors
  • Sta-Rite Pool Pumps & Motors
  • A.O. Smith Pool Pumps & Motors
  • Pent-Air Pool Pumps & Motors
  • Aqua Flo Pool Pumps & Motors

Schedule Pool Pump Repair In Scottsdale, Arizona

Schedule pool pump repair in Scottsdale today by giving Papago Pool Service a call today at (480) 423-9333 or fill out the contact form on our website. One of our skilled pool pump repair technicians will return your call ASAP!


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